Kilduff Lightning Rods are the racers choice. Never miss a shift again. Solenoids are available for Lightning Rod shifters.
  Different Colored indicator lights (green, red or blue )
  Roll Control or on/off switches for all our shifters
Right hand drive (RHD) for our Australian brothers              Pistol Grips
  Skull Heads....call 818-785-9283 for availability
1911 colt 45 grips and up to 3 switches can be stuffed in there. Your choice, momentary or on/off switches.
Natural, black,or ivory horseshoe grips. 
Reverse Lock out pull knob Padlock Hole
     Consoles available on all our shifters
    Straight Trigger     Brass Knuckles Trigger
844-KILDUFF (545-3833)
international calls dial 818-334-5913
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